Spank - Black Hex J-Type Front

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The Hex J-type front hub from Spank features oversized bearings for optimal adaptability. This weight optimized, gravity inspired front hub is simple to maintain. Its unique flange design reduces dish requirement and minimizes the tension range between the drive side and non-drive side spokes. 

  • Light weight 
  • Ø32 Oversized bearings, allow adaptability up to 20mm thru axles 
  • Compatible with Ø32 HEX front hub adapters only 
  • Advanced seal system improves prevention of bearing contamination 
  • Hole count: 32H J-Hook 
  • Disc mount: 6-bolt 
  • Material: CNC optimized forged alloy hub body 
  • Finish: Matte anodized, laser logos 
  • For hub dimensions see attached resource or click here 

BOOST F15/20 

  • Configuration: Boost 15x110, J-hook 
  • Weight +/- (grams): 173 
  • Adaptors included: Ø32 Boost 20x110 
  • Adaptors available separately: Ø32 Torque Caps 


  • Configuration: 20x110, J-hook 
  • Weight +/- (g): 165 
  • Adaptors included: Ø32 15x100 
  • Adaptors available separately: Ø32 QRx100, Ø32 12x100