Bike Fitting

 Hub Cycles offer a professional bike fitting service based on decades of experience.  This is combined with the latest video capture and up-to-date knowledge of biomechanics and what is required in cycling’s different disciplines.

Our fitters are experienced in working with a wide variety of cycling disciplines enabling them to give you the optimal fit no matter your preferred discipline.

We cater for specific physiological needs, as well as taking into account any past or ongoing injuries.  Our fitting not only helps you perform better on the bike but also makes your riding experience more comfortable.

Our service has helped many people, from World Champions to recreational riders, to achieve their goals on their bike and reach their full riding potential. 

 A Dynamic fitting at $299 includes:

• Video analysis

• Video capture from multiple angles.

• Cleat set up and adjustment/ knee tracking

• Sit bone width measurement and saddle recommendation where needed.

• Taking into account your application and goals


  • Henrietta Christie “Professional Cyclist”

“I’ve been going to hub cycles for bike fits for years and I am always blown away by the level of professionalism, attention to detail and by how friendly the staff are. They prioritise your comfort and work hard for the best outcome for you. Hub Cycles are truly second to none!”



  • Anton Cooper “Professional mountain biker, former World and Commonwealth Games Champion”

"Andrew has been taking care of my bike fits for over 10 years now and his knowledge and expertise has helped allow me to produce more power in greater comfort on my bike. I would highly recommend seeing him if you're a competitive cyclist looking for an extra couple of percent or a recreational cyclist who wants to feel more comfortable on your bike and peace of mind knowing your bike is set up perfectly for you"



  • Fiona Dowling “multiple podium finisher Coast to Coast”

Working with the Bike Fit team at Hub Cycles has been a game changer for me and my cycling. The team are able to bring together Performance, Knowledge and practical application to the bike fit process. This has allowed me see great progress in my position, comfort, aerodynamics and ultimately my racing outcomes and enjoyment! 


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