Bike Fitting

Hub Cycles offers a professional bike fitting service based on decades of experience combined with the latest video capture technology. You will not only perform better but will be more comfortable on the bike. They cater to specific physiological needs as well as taking in to account any past or on-going injuries.

With first hand experience gained from the European pro peloton, the team at Hub Cycles will cater to any of your bike fitting and performance requirements. 

We have simplified our bike fit offering that provides the best possible service and results by providing two custom options, a 'Static fit' and a 'Dynamic fit'.

Static Fit

We have enhanced the static measurement over the last decades, in order to provide reliable data for selling the right bike. Not only will it give you the numbers to build a custom frame, but it also translates those numbers to over 60 brands and 3000 frames to determine and calculate the ideal frame size for your specific customer.

This step is the basis for all further fitting done in our program. It gives XY data that guide the set-up of the Position Simulator. Price for a static measurement fit is $90.

Dynamic Fit

Shimano Dynamics Lab technology brings the bike fit to the next level. Integrate rider specific issues, range of motion, flexibility and riding style in order to further optimize the static fit. With two simple modes it allows everyone to operate this equipment:

  • In Wizard Mode, our software brings built-in biomechanical knowledge and expertise to the fitter to enhance the quality and consistency of their cycling analysis service.
  • In Advanced Mode, access to all data (for example joint angles and length) is made available to fine-tune the position of the rider, based on the knowledge and skills which you have acquired from our education program and your own experience as a bike fitter.

The digital frame geometry plug-in will provide accurate recommendations of bikes and components fitting the need of the rider. Price for the dynamic fit is $200.

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