Spank - Flare 24 OC Vibrocore 27.5" Rims

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A disc specific, tubeless ready clincher rim with SPANK's Vibrocore™ technology, optimized for Gravel, Adventure, Bikepacking and MTB Cross Country use. The Vibrocore™ inner well reduces the transmission of harmful vibration frequencies, improving rider comfort and increasing the fatigue life of the rim. Its low profile 16.5mm depth and wide 27.5mm outer width enhance radial compliance, improving traction while reducing negative feedback to the rider. The asymmetric, 24mm inner width profile improves spoke tension balance between drive side and non-drive side spokes and optimizes gravel/XC tyre spread. Bead Nip tubeless bead seats provide reliable tubeless performance even at low pressures. 

  • Inner width: 24mm
  • Outer width: 28mm
  • Spoke holes: 28 / 32
  • Valve: F/V Presta
  • ERD (mm++): 564++ / 2.5
  • ETRTO: 584x24
  • Weight: ±405 grams
  • Tubeless: Tubeless ready 
  • Profile height: 16.5mm
  • Material: Dynamal alloy
  • Asymmetric profile