DT Swiss - XM 421 27.5" Rims

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DT SWISS - XM 421 27.5" RIMS

A lightweight rim as wide as a downhill rim was just a few years ago? State of the art materials and excessive testing make it possible. DT Swiss knows exactly how light it can design a product to fulfil its purpose to perfection. This is why the XM 421 is as light as an all-mountain rim can get, yet still fears no trail, no matter what rock gardens it has on the menu.

  • Material: Aluminium
  • Rim joint: Welded
  • Tyre interface: Hooked / Crotchet tubeless TC
  • Weight: 440 grams
  • Recommended system weight max.: 120 kg
  • ASTM classification: 4
  • Brake interface: Disc
  • Rim diameter: 27.5” / 650B
  • Reference diameter ERD: 564 mm
  • Inner width: 25mm
  • Outer width: 30mm
  • Rim height: 20mm