Argon 18 Gallium CS Disc Ultegra

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All the engineering knowledge of their World-Tour level Gallium Pro, in a more accessible package. The Gallium CS is the perfect way to make your mark on those long training days, or to jockey for rank in the group. This is the bike that will be waiting for your perfect ride, whether that's a punishing climb, soaring descent, or flat-out sprint to the coffee shop. Easy to fit, intuitive to maintain and a pure pleasure to ride, the Gallium CS equally suits the randonneur and racer.

Ideal for for those looking for maximum performance without maximum impact on their wallet - and want to be ready for that Wednesday night ride that always turns into a KOM quest.


3D - They believe a good fit is the key to optimal performance. Argon 18’s proprietary 3D System is an integrated solution that extends the headtube for more flexible positioning options. Three headtube positions are possible for every frame size, increasing stiffness by 5% at 15mm and 11% at 25mm, versus traditional spacers. It allows also a larger fit windows (60mm of stack adjustment compared with 30 for a traditional setup). With this system, the handlebar height can be perfectly adjusted to meet the needs and preferences of every rider.

Road Race Geometry - Their performance road geometry prioritises the needs of racers: holding a low, aero position, having confident handling on technical courses and in bunch sprints, and highly efficient power transfer. These bikes often feature aero tube shapes or tube shapes designed for maximum stiffness at key areas, like the bottom bracket. A lower front end and longer top tube than their endurance geometry let you achieve that aero position, and a narrower wheelbase provides the razor-sharp reflexes for those tight corners and quick handling in the bunch. Argon 18 bikes have a lower bottom bracket than most, which makes these bike exceptionally stable, and enhances their renowned ride quality.

Argon Fit System - The Argon Fit System is designed to provide riders of all sizes with consistent performance and optimal positioning. Regardless of your build, gender or your riding style, their frames are designed so that your fit will always be efficient and comfortable, ensuring the ultimate in handling. They offer sizing from XXS to XL in all of their road bikes, and XS to XL in their Tri bikes, with each size approached individually from a design and performance perspective. While a lot of manufacturers optimise performance and weight targets for a medium size frame and simply scale up or down, they assess the performance of each size based on the individual character of that particular geometry. For example, even their largest frames have exceptional stiffness without excess weight, to avoid the 'dead' feel found in some XL frames. XS and XXS retain their inherent lightweight qualities, but without excess stiffness, avoiding harsh ride quality.


Frame Gallium CS Disc
Fork Gallium CS Disc specific
Seatpost FSA Gossamer SB20 (not included with frameset)
Headset FSA 37 + 3D + w/ TH881-1
Max Tyre Size 28c
Max Rim Size 30mm
Bottom Bracket Standard BB86
Replaceable Rear Derailleur Hanger Optional direct mount hanger supplied
28C (30mm) Tyre Clearance For optimal comfort and compatibility
Inlaid Chainsuck Protector Protects the carbon chainstay against wear from the chain's movement
Argon 18 12mm Thru-Axle Clean, simple, light and sturdy


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