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Basic Service* (for kids’ bikes or bikes with no gears) - $40.00

  • Chain tension checked and adjusted, as necessary
  • Chain lubricated Brakes checked and adjusted
  • Tyres and tubes checked and inflated
  • Headset adjusted Fittings checked for tightness  


Bronze Service* - $75.00

  • Fittings checked for tightness
  • Wheels removed from bike and trued/tensioned in truing jig
  • Gears adjusted and derailleur hanger straightened
  • Brakes checked and adjusted
  • Front and rear hub adjusted and tightened
  • Tyres inspected and inflated
  • Chain tested for wear and lubricated
  • Headset adjusted
  • Pedals checked 


Silver Service - $100.00

All services in the Bronze Service, plus:

  • Adjust hubs
  • Grease bottom bracket/remove cranks
  • Replace spoke (tubeless/spoke additional) up to 2 spokes
  • Grease Headset & check handlebar stem bolts


Gold Service - $149.00

All services in the Silver Service, plus:

  • Clean drive train
  • Bleed brakes (plus oil)


Platinum Service - $199.00

All services in the above services, plus:

  • Remove/grease pivots (bearing replacement extra)
  • DI2 update
  • Service hubs as necessary


Suspension Fork Servicing - from $60.00 (Oil and seals are additional.)

We can service all types of suspension forks to factory standards or to meet your requirements. We use the manufacturers’ specified oils and lubricants.  


*The cost of servicing and fitting does not include parts and will be charged as extra. Prices subject to change without prior notice.