Reynolds 46 Aero Carbon Clincher

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Speed, Control, Perfection.
The 46 AERO is one of Reynolds’ signature wheels as its DET™ rim profile provides the optimal balance of aerodynamics, stiffness and comfort in just about any discipline. As a great all-rounder, it is equally well suited to criteriums, road races and time trials. Given it’s plenty tough and sheds mud and sand as well as the wind, the 46 AERO will confidently handle any CX course it encounters too.


Weight: Clincher Set: 1505g

External: 26.2 mm , Internal: 16 mm

Rim Depth: 46 mm

Braking: CTg

Design: Computational Fluid Dynamics: A2 Wind Tunnel Verified

Spokes: 16 front / 20 rear

Spoke Pattern: Front: Radial Rear Non Drive: 2X

Nipples: Internal 5mm Hex x 2.0

Hub: Reynolds Racing Design Straight-pull with DT Swiss 240 Internals

Compability: Shimano 


CR6 (Carbon Rim 6) is the precise method of assigning different carbon fiber and lay-ups to 6 rim regions.

CTg stands for Cryogenic Glass Transition, a patented braking system developed by Reynolds.

BWI stands for Brake Wear Indicator. It is a 10mm wide red line that Reynolds embeds into the brake track.

DET™ smoothes turbulent, excited, energized airflow and re-attaches it to the aerodynamic surface, effectively reducing aerodynamic drag. DET™ is Reynolds’ superior aerodynamic technology used on RZR 92 and all AERO wheels.

ISH is a “step” contour at the outer perimeter of the clincher hook that helps create a predictable airflow over the surface of the rim. It also increases the lateral stiffness of the wheel. ISH is used on 46 AERO, 58 AERO, and 72 AERO.