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A whole New Way of carrying gear on your bike!!

The patented Aeroe mounting system provides an innovative and versatile way to carry gear on your bike using the lightweight and waterproof BikePacks.

The BikePacks come in 9 litre, 11 litre or 14 litre sizes, and are easy to load, quick to mount-to and release-from the bike, and can be strategically placed where you want the loads positioned, lower down using the forks and/or rear rack, or narrower and higher up on the handlebars and/or the seatpost mounts.

With the Aeroe system fitting all types of bikes, the BikePacks are perfect for bikepacking, on or off-road touring, commuting or with your e-bike.


Fork Mount Rack - A set of 2 mounts, ideal for carrying 9LT or 11LT Bikepacks up front. Low Centre of gravity. Carbon forks of non-symetrica l section form may need to be fitted with our bridge tube.

Handle Bar Mount Rack - The Handlebar mount is secured either side of the stem and grips tightly to the bar whether it is steel aluminium or carbon.

Seatpost Mount Rack - Comes with 2 mounts, that can be mounted vertically opposing each other, or a single mount might be used to be position the Bikepack in a rotated flat position.

Rear Mount Rack - 2 X 9LT , 11LT or 14LT BikePacks can be mounted on each side of Rear Rack. An alternative or additional position is to place a UNI Mount on the top bridge part of the tube and have a BikePack in the flat horizontal position.