At HUB we have a fully equipped workshop with a team of experienced and qualified mechanics to carry out pretty much any and every type of maintenance and fitting service you require.

Customer service is our priority. When you book your bike in we will talk through all work to be undertaken.  Should any additional work be required we will contact you before it is undertaken.  On pickup we can talk through all work done and highlight any areas that may need further attention.

Bike Service and Repairs

Bronze Service


  • True wheels
  • Straighten/adjust hanger
  • Adjust Gears
  • Check handlebar stem bolts
  • Check pedals tight
  • Brake adjust/check pads
  • Pump Tyres
  • Tighten Headset


Silver Service


All services in the Bronze Service, plus:

  • Adjust hubs
  • Grease bottom bracket/remove cranks
  • Replace spoke (tubeless/spoke additional) up to 2 spokes
  • Grease Headset & check handlebar stem bolts


Gold Service


All services in the Silver Service, plus:

  • Service hubs as necessary
  • Clean drive train
  • Bleed brakes (plus oil)


Platinum Service


All services in the above services, plus:

  • Remove/grease pivots (bearing replacement extra)
  • DI2 update

*Please note prices can vary depending on the age, condition and type of bike.  All services exclude cost of parts and lubes and are additional. NB:If a bike is dirty a $20 bike wash fee may apply in order to perform the service.